Reverse effect not working

Helle everyone.
I’ve just installed audacity 3.0.3 and tried to have some fun with sound edit :slight_smile:
I have noticed, that “reverse” effect does completely nothing. The sample after aplying this fx is plays normally, without reversing.
System Win 10.

You have to select the audio you want to apply an effect (like reverse) to.
If you want to select all the audio “Ctrl”+ “A”.

[ NB: If you apply reverse twice you will be back the right way around ].

Of course I have select the sample. Unfortunatelly nothing is going on…

Ok. There is a problem with polish language version. In english ver. everything works fine. How can I contact the translator?

Is there a problem with:

Reverse: Cofnij w czasie
Invert: Odwróc

Yes! Thank You :slightly_smiling_face: This translation is not very logical, because “Cofnij w czasie” in Polish means “back in time” :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot!

Is Polish your primary language?
How would you translate the names of the “Reverse” and “Invert” effects?

Welcome. :slight_smile:

This is my first post.
I found this thread because I had the same problem in version 3.4.2.

My translation suggestions for the following:
Invert - Odwróć fazę (Invert phase)
Reverse - Odwróć w czasie (Reverse in time)

And yes, Polish is my native language.

Greetings :slight_smile: