I have a nice project I’m working on and just laid in the vocal track…wanted to add some reverb…couldn’t get it done…following a LOT of reading and trying different stuff I finally figured out that for some reason I can’t add reverb to a stereo track…as soon as I made it a mono track…no problem…do something to keep in the back of your head…

Only true of some reverb effects.

Try valhalla-supermassive: it’s capable of normal-sized reverb, as well as massive ones, (& it’s free).

Since you’re on Mac you can use the built-in Audio Unit effects, which includes a very nice reverb (which works with stereo tracks).

Go to Effect > Add / Remove Plugins. Scroll down in the list until you see Apple: AU Matrix Reverb. Click the Enable button, then the OK button. The effect has a number of useful presets.

There are a lot of very nice effects there including the multi-band compressor, peak limiter, dynamics processor and “Reverb 2” (which appears to be a simpler reverb).

A good way to apply reverb is to duplicate the track then apply a reverb effect at “100% wet”. The resulting track will contain the reverb only. Now you can mix in how much reverb you want by adjusting the gain slider on the reverb track.

– Bill

Audacity’s Reverb effect works with mono or stereo tracks: