Reverb settings

I have loaded audacity 2.0.5
This has reverb settings not Gverb setting.
The characteristics have changed from the earlier version. I have copied the settings from the earlier version as I liked the sound. How can I achieve the same sound as before now the settings have changed?
I need some sort of translation.
Many thanks anyone out there.

The default settings in GVerb produced a very strong and big reverb effect (so strong that many people found it unusable). The new reverb effect is much more subtle (a more “natural” reverb). So basically, to translate from GVerb settings to the new effect, you will need much higher / stronger settings.

When using GVerb, did you apply it directly to the track, or did you apply it to a duplicate of the track and then mix that in with the original track?
If you could post some of your typical GVerb settings I’ll try to find settings in the new effect to get you into the same ballpark.

Many thanks for responding. 1. I did not use a duplicate track I can see the sense in that
2. Gverb settings were:
Room size 224
Reverb time 15
Damping .88
Input bandwidth .75
Dry signal 0
Early reflection -21
Trail level -69

Many thanks

It won’t sound exactly the same (it’s a different effect), but I think these settings are broadly similar, though I can’t get the new effect to be as “hissy” as GVerb:

Thanks very much. It was similar to what I had worked out. It isn’t quite the same but its pretty good.