Reverb quick fix

Help please.

With the previous version of Audacity, I used the quick fix reverb settings on my singing. I was very pleased with it.
But with the new Audacity all the settings have changed on reverb, so I am a bit lost. They offer various presets. Vocal I is too flat (to my ears) compared with the “quick fix”, while Vocal II has too much echo.

Can anyone help me to achieve a similar effect to the “quick fix” setting please?

“The Quick Fix”
These settings add a slight sense of depth to any sound clip that is flat. While it won’t give you any sort of echo, it will give you the sense that you actually recorded it in a room where sound sort of bounces off.

Roomsize: 40 m²
Reverb time: 4 s
Damping: 0.9
Input bandwidth: 0.75
Dry signal level: 0 dB
Early reflection level: -22 dB
Tail level: -28 dB

I don’t have the (ancient) GVerb effect installed so I can’t do a direct comparison. but if “Vocal 1” is not “reverby” enough, you can increase its strength by increasing the “Wet Gain (dB)” setting (default for “Vocal 1” is -12 dB). Try increasing to say “-3”. Use the “Preview” button to hear a few seconds of what it will sound like.

Thanks a lot for your reply, Steve.