Reverb lead in (I think)

I want to create a voice for a character in an animation I am making. The character is ‘Death’ and I want his voice to have a reverb / echo on the lead in. I am not sure if I am describing this correctly. Imaging a rock band track when you get that sort of semi slow echo on the snare drum that sounds a little like shhhhhh tum (ok you can laugh now at the bad description I will accept that).

Is this possible with Audacity ?


It’s called reverse reverb. Possibly made famous by Led Zeppelin (someone correct me, please).

First, get comfortable using a reverb effect. If you aren’t yet, I recommend Gverb (plenty of people will disagree with me).

No doubt, Gverb is confusing, but hopefully this wiki page will help:

Once you’re comfortable with the range of settings you want to try, the method for applying reverse reverb is as follows:

  1. Start with your recorded track, edited the way you want everything to flow together. Preferably all the vocals you want to add the effect to will be on their own track, separate from any vocals that shouldn’t have the effect.

  2. Highlight the whole thing → Effects → reverse. The track is now backwards and will sound awesome (if you have my ears).

  3. Apply your reverb effect to the track.

  4. Repeat step 2.

Now your voice will be forward, but the reverb will start before the actual voice does, so you get a nice building up “room reflections” kind of sound (describing audio with text never works right, as you mentioned). It does indeed make voices sound nice and evil.

Why do we hear this and think “evil”? I have no idea, but it’s cool.

Thank you so much, I had played around with the reverb but hadn’t twigged the double reversing. So simple now you mentioned it, thank you.

Great advice, as usual, Andy.

I remember first hearing this effect by Ratt on Round and Round, I think.