Reverb is missing, 2.0.2

Hi all!
Running 2.0.2 on a Win 10 machine, just got all my plugins loaded and my settings in place and my key shortcuts mapped and… Reverb is not there.

I’m referring to the built-in one, not a plugin or anything.

I was going down the list:
Reverse!? Where’s Reverb!?

Any idea why my built-in plugin has gone AWOL would be MUCH appreciated. = )

And no, I’d rather not use the new version on this machine. I’m compiling locally for ASIO compatibility and I know 2.0.2 works well with all our stuff.

The current version of Audacity is 2.2.2
You can get it here:

Thanks Steve, but (and I don’t mean this in a rude way) I’d rather know why my effect is missing in the version I am currently using, am using on several other computers, and have already compiled. Bonus if someone can tell me why/how to fix it.

The Reverb effect was added in version 2.0.4


You are entirely right. I AM using 2.0.4 on the other machines. I’ve gone and compiled the wrong version. Blehhhh.

Time to crack open Visual Studio again. T_T

What a colossal brain-fart I’ve had.

Thanks again!