Reverb/Delay - Free or Paid.


I’m new to the Forum. I’ve searched FAQ but not sure if I’m using the wrong keywords.
I’m using Windows 10. Audacity 2.3.3.

I’ve used Audacity’s built in Reverb but I’d like to know if I can get something better free.
If the free plugins are not that much better, I will consider paying - if I can get some suggestions [cheap … better … best … best value].

I read about a free ‘Light’ plugin on an Audacity page but after I registered for this Forum, I lost that page and can’t remember the name. I tried to download it but got an error every time I clicked the link.

I’m recording myself on a Samsung J7 → pulling the audio into Audacity for slight EQ & slight Reverb → exporting the audio as a WAV file and → importing it into Lightworks to replace the original, un-doctored audio track.

The goal is to post a decent-sounding video on YouTube for friends and family.

I would rather have presets for the Reverb - or settings for the built in Audacity Reverbs that are tried and tested for acoustic guitar + vocal.
I’d appreciate any help or pointers or links to existing discussions on this topic.



I like DX Reverb Light by Anwida Soft (free)

A “ducking reverb” allows more reverb whilst retaining intelligibility.
( Can also duck the wet reverb with the dry original in Audacity ).

Thanks, Steve! DX Reverb Light is the one I had been looking at but lost the links … also … I kept getting a ‘… page could not be found …’ kind of message when I tried going to the site to download. I will try again using the link you posted. Also … I did try the FAQ first but was not able to find it. Again, Thanks!!

Thanks, Trebor! I do not understand ‘ducking’ reverb but from what you are saying it sounds like I should research and learn. Retaining clarity while adding reverb sounds like exactly what I need.

Hi Trebor. I consider myself relatively savvy when it comes to music & fx but I think I may be missing something basic in the Ducking link you provided. Am I supposed to create a duplicate of the Audio track that I want to add Reverb to … and then add the Reverb to only one of the tracks - so that I can have a solid dry track and then manipulate the volume of the track with the Reverb on it? I would really like to understand this -if you don’t mind explaining in a little more detail? Again, thanks for you help already! :slight_smile:

Hi again, Steve!
I get this message:
"Get ready… something really cool is coming soon… "
when I click Download for the DX Reverb Light - and the page doesn’t appear to go anywhere.
Can you give me any advice about how to download the DX Reverb Light, please?
Are you sure it is still active/available?

That’s it: create an in-sync duplicate track which has reverb applied, then AutoDuck that track with the dry original. Then adjust the relative amount of dry & wet using the track gain sliders.

There are free plugins which do this without having to create a duplicate track,
e.g. …
(but you’re stuck with their flavour of reverb. If you AutoDuck you can use your favourite reverb).
just a suggestion.png

The Anwida website appears to be down. I don’t know if this is temporary of if Anwida are no longer operating.
The plug-in is still available from some shareware sites (for example:, but take care on shareware sites and be sure to at least do a virus check on anything from a shareware site.

Can still get “DX Reverb Light” via the WayBackMachine, e.g. …
https ://