Restoring Muffled Voice?

Hi people!

I’ve been working on a audio file which noise removal was applied.
They did a nice job removing the background noise, but after that, as consequence, now the voice of the speaker got a lil muffled.

What can i do to improve overall quality of the audio/speaker’s voice, making it more clear/less muffled?

indexed a little sample of the audio

The best thing to do is Noise Remove it again and don’t damage the voice. The removal was applied too heavily. You should still be able to hear just the slightest bit of the noise remaining between the words. If the show is dead quiet, like this, it means the tools was applied wrong.

You can try the equalizer tool, but you will never get rid of the gargling, honking, ‘head in a pipe’ sound. That’s permanent in this recording.

Did you even do the noise removal?



Set the equalizer like this:
Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 1.08.17 PM.png

Thanks for you effort, mate.

Yeah…i think that the best way around this problem is to re apply the noise removal effect.

But it comes now with nother question: what is the proper way to remove automobile traffic noise off the back ground, including close, high bus/ cars engine sounds?

Nice. Thanks!

What is the proper way to take off automobile engine sounds…general traffic noises from the background?

Ah. I wondered. You don’t. Noise Removal only works when you have one single noise and the noise doesn’t change over the show.

The way you use the tools tells you. Select a portion of the show with noise and no performance. Use that for the “profile.” Audacity will then try to subtract that single, exact noise from the rest of the show. So if it’s an airplane going over, the airplane would have to stay at that exact altitude and position for twenty minutes – the duration of the show.

It’s great for air conditioning noise or computer fan noise, as long as it’s not too bad.

It pays handsomely to get a good recording at the top.

You may be able to use the Noise Gate software. The other elves are much better at that than I am.

Post a WAV or FLAC of a segment of show with a voice and typical interference.


Oh man…thanks for all your help. Really.

But you know what…we were able to solve the “problema” up here.

Strangely enough, passing a “lighter” noise removal filter (getting a “noise profile” with weaker, but more frequent/mechanical interference along the audio) got us WAY BETTER results, in sound quality AND background noise removal.

But i cant deny that we used another software for this job. I dont know if i can say it’s name here, but it is a expensive one ; )

Anyway…how is that possible man? I think less maybe be more in this context. Am i right?

The Audacity Noise Removal effect often gets criticised because it’s not very good at doing miracles :wink:
What the Audacity Noise Removal is pretty good at, is reducing quiet, constant, background noise, such as gentle hiss or hums. It can perform this task very well and leave the remaining audio sounding great. The big problem comes when people try to remove a lot of noise. In this case, Audacity has difficulty distinguishing what is noise and what is the proper sound, then either the noise cannot be completely removed, or there is unacceptable damage to the remaining audio. The best thing in this situation is usually to use less noise reduction so as to minimise the damage.

But i cant deny that we used another software for this job. I dont know if i can say it’s name here, but it is a expensive one ; )

The forum is a dialog where we get people out of trouble by whatever means we can. Audacity is a free product and so is the forum. There is no product conflict and we recommend money-based software where it’s appropriate.

We’re all volunteers, so yes, you should tell us what the software is so we can tell others.