Reshow cassette player: no input levels shown

Hi, I am using Audacity 2.4.2 with Mac OS 10.15.7. I am trying to record cassettes with Audacity and the Reshow cassette player.

My MacBook does not have a CD drive, but according to the instructions, the driver is downloaded automatically.

Under Audio Midi Setup, I see a USB PnP Audio Device with a 48,000 Hz format, 2 ch 16-bit integer. This does not seem to be changeable, so under Audacity preferences - Devices, where I have chosen USB PnP Audio Device for recording, I have set the Quality default sample rate to 48,000 Hz and the sample default format to 16-bit, to match the audio device.

Finally, the software playthrough option is on under Transport options.

When I start to record, either I get a -9986 message or the recording levels are flat, i.e., no input. If I try to set up the internal microphone as the input device with the same 48,000 Hz format, 2 ch 16-bit integer, I also get no input.

Can someone advise me on what could be wrong? Thank you.

You may be getting no input from the internal microphone if Audacity does not have permission to access the microphone. Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy, then the Privacy tab. In the list on left, click on “Microphone”. Audacity should show up in the list on the right with a checkmark. If not, click the lock to make changes, then check Audacity.

This is the first I’ve heard of the “Reshow” cassette to USB device, but I’ll bet it’s the same as all the others - the clue is the “USB PnP Audio Device” listing. We know of no-one who has gotten one of those to work reliably with macOS.

– Bill

Struggling w/ same issue w/ Reshow cassette. I DO have sound coming into the computer (Latest mac Catalina) I see the levels in the “sound” in system preferences. I did the Security/privacy change as suggested here and now the internal mic works! (HOORAH! I feel like I’m getting closer) But when I switch back to USB in Audacity nothing. Again the device IS playing and sound out.

Anyone have any luck yet?