Reset the cursor to time 0

I am using a batch (.au3) file to start/stop a recorder. Under some circumstances the new track continues from its last point, I want to reset the cursor to position 0. Can this be done in my batch file? Is there a command for this?

HOME sets the cursor at time zero.


You can also get Home by selecting the whole track by clicking just above the MUTE button and Play.

Is “home” the command I use in a batch file to reset the track to 0?
How is that command written?

Don’t you get a new track starting from zero if you Record > Stop > Record? That’s what happens in real life.


This isn’t real life. (-:

Sometimes, I am working Audacity and end up leaving the cursor somewhere other than at the start. When the batch file kicks in the cursor is not always at the home position.

For example on controlling the process by code: I just learned that I can mute all tracks by having the line:
Send (“^u”); just before sending the command start recording. All tracks are muted except the new one recording. This is of special help later on in the project.

Similarly, I wonder if there is a command to assure that the cursor is at the start of the new track. I tried Send(“home”); but it did not seem to work.


“Home” does not shift the track. It ensures the cursor in the project is at time zero.

Try Forums - AutoIt Forums . We can only tell you what the Audacity shortcut bindings are (see Audacity Manual ).

You can change the shortcut for Skip to Start to something else in the Keyboard Preferences .


yes, Yes, YES, YES!!! (I’ll have what he is having…)

Found many of the options I need.
Well, except one: I click on “Audio Track” and can name the track. I would like to do this from my batch file (.au3). This may take a special effort as I did not see an option in the list. Maybe this deserves its own discussion.


SHIFT + M opens the Track Drop-Down Menu on the focused track. You can change the shortcut in Keyboard Preferences.

Note the characters that are underlined in the Track Drop-Down Menu. These are called “access keys”. You can use them to activate each menu item. So SHIFT + M (if you use that shortcut) followed by A will open the dialogue to name the track.