Resampling to 8000hz & exporting to U-law for IVR

I’m working on my first IVR project, using Audacity 3.3 under Win11 with default track settings 48khz, 24 bit. Here are several issues and questions.

  1. My understanding from other users is that after original recording I should: downsample the track to 8khz in Audacity; then export to
    Other uncompressed files > Header, WAV (Microsoft) and Encoding U-Law.
    QUESTION: Is this correct? If not, please clarify.

  2. Recording and downsampling: After a good recording with the default specs, I duplicated the good track and down-sampled the duplicate to 8khz. Problem: Sibiliants sounding OK in the original track sound badly lisped In the downsampled track (suggesting excessive loss of mid & upper midrange frequencies). QUESTIONS: (a) How maintain decent-sounding sibilants in downsampled track? (b) Within a track, If I select only one clip then choose Tracks>Resample, does the resampling affect only that clip or the whole track?

  3. Exporting: After choosing “other uncompressed files”, the Header dropdown menu lists “WAV (NIST Sphere)” and “WAVEX (Microsoft)” options but not “WAV (Microsoft)”. QUESTION:
    Which to choose? Is “WAVEX (Microsoft)” equivalent to “WAV (Microsoft)”? Please clarify.

I see a “WAV (Microsoft)” option in the format dropdown (instead of choosing “Other uncompressed files”). Is that what you want? The “Other uncompressed files” gives you other format options that are not included in the main file format dropdown.

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