Requesting help with isolating vocals using instrumental track

Hello there!

My issue that I would like help with is that I can’t seem to isolate vocals from a song. I’m following this Audacity tutorial on vocal isolation that uses the instrumental track to isolate vocals (link to tutorial page: I have been following the steps listed in that section (with both tracks properly aligned), and tried to mix and render. However, the end result is the song with muddier instrumentals; the vocals could not be isolated. I did ensure that both tracks have the same bit rate of 192 kbps (though I’m not sure if that has a major impact or not). I have attached a Google Drive link to a folder that contains the audio tracks for both the original song and the instrumentals for reference (link: Any and all help is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time!

Note: Using Audacity 2.3.2 on Windows 10 x64

that uses the instrumental track to isolate vocals

That works under “laboratory conditions” but It almost never works in the real world. The instrument track has to be EXACT and then you can perfectly subtract it out. Generally, that means you have the original unmixed recordings… Either you recorded it yourself or you have access to the original studio tapes. And, if you have the unmixed instrumental you probably already have the unmixed vocal also.

Vocal removal and/or isolation are “novelty effects”. You never get professional results. For example, vocal removal can work “perfectly” on recordings where the vocal is perfectly-centered but you’ll also perfectly-remove everything else that’s centered (except you can filter to keep the bass).

Ahh, that honestly does make sense. It’s a bummer, but I understand. Thanks for the info, DVDdoug!