Request To Reinstate The Old Time Shift Tool

I would like to request that the old Time Removal tool be brought back. I do like the new option of dragging clips at the top and think it is a good choice and much friendlier for novice users.

However, for power users, especially dialog editors, it requires us to move the mouse away from our focus and that slows down our workflow. Pressing F5 allowed us to leave the mouse pointer where it was, shift the audio, and get back to editing

I use a variety of DAWs depending on what type of audio I am editing, and when properly set up, Audacity can’t be matched in the edit speed for single track audio. This new change does slow me down a little bit and I feel like the old shift tool and the new shift tool should be able to coexist.

Thank you for your time and efforts!

Thanks for your feedback, but the people that make the design decisions rarely visit this forum. It may be more effective to make your request on the Audacity Discord channel:

When using the multi-tool, you can still ctrl+drag on the waveform itself to move the clip, which is even faster than F5 → move → F1. I reckon something like ctrl+drag to move clips even when still in the waveform is still in the cards, either for when the other tools from the tools toolbar get redesigned, or when we get around to making clip selection a real thing (currently, there is no distinction between selecting audio within a clip and selecting a clip).

Thank you, that is quite helpful! I can definitely adapt to this.
One final question though–when using the Multi-Tool is there a way to make the selection highlight show all the way up/down the waveform? Currently with the Multi-Tool, the selection highlight hides behind the waveform which can make selecting a little bit trickier. Otherwise this would work very nicely.