Request: Support for G.729A RCA .Voc

Thank you.

11Jun08: I have moved this, plus its supporting vote, to the Feature Requests page on the Audacity Wiki - but I have left this on the Forum, moved to Audio Processing section, as it has helpful advice at the end.

I would also like to request support for the RCA voc files.

I found this at

Hi, I just joined the forum in order to post on this. I recently got an RCA RP5022B digital voice recorder myself. I have an iMac and I found this thread while searching for ways to convert RCA’s VOC file format to wav or something else usable. It took a while for me to discover that RCA’s VOC is not the same as Creative’s VOC.

I discovered that by using Audacity 1.3.3b’s Import > Raw Data menu option, I could import a VOC file and get something that was at least fairly recognisable, albeit with quite a bit of static. The settings I used were ‘VOX ADPCM,’ big-endian, mono, 32-byte offset, 100%, 8000 Hz. Little endian also seems to produce a nearly identical file. I tried it on a five-second voc of me singing ‘la la la la la’ at different pitches, and I could clearly hear my voice. There is still just so much static though, it sounds like AM radio from 500 miles away.

Given that it only took me about 20 minutes to figure this part out, I’m sure that it would not be beyond a contributor or developer of Audacity to figure out the rest.


Hope that helps.

Here’s a standalone utility I wrote to decode RCA .VOC files:

I only have the RP5022B model – others might be different.

Could you maybe compile it and offer a DL link or something else useful to the layman?

Thanks for your work in any case.

Go to my URL again; I added an EXE file.

Works flawlessly, thank you!

Only one error, and it is easily worked around.

If you bury the exe too deeply into the folder structure it says “parameter incorrect”.

I:Documents and SettingsInnominatusDesktopSekDetBak-=My Work=–=Archives=–=My Audio=–=Voice Recorder=- failed

However, in C:-=Utilities=- it works just fine.

Thought you’d like to know.

But thank you, still worlds better than that POS that came with the recorder and totally small enough to fit on the player itself.

Really, you’ve tripled the value of the player for me.

I made a batch file devoc.bat which contains the command devoc -w *.voc and i put it and the exe in the A folder on my recorder and it is fast enough to run inside the recorder.

You SO own.