Request: Skin

What a shame. :frowning:

Let’s hope that it’s only been taken out as a temporary measure while they get it working properly.

As a possible interface why not something like this. I know it’s a bit overboard but with some toning down and of course without the logo smack in the middle of the top it might not be bad. The only real problem I see with it right now is the lack of more buttons and it is a bit candy-like for a professional app.

Oh by the way stevethefiddle, thank you for the compliment on the logo. Maybe I’ll make one animated just for the heck of it. :wink:

I like the metallic look - some nasty clipping on a couple of tracks though :smiley:

Yeah, I really need to stop beatboxing with the mic on my epiglottis. :wink:

19Jun08 - I have moved this Feature Request to the FR section in the Wiki today - I have retained it in the Forum, but moved it to the General Audio Programming so that other forum users can still see the skins that fractaloragejuice made - and so that the developers can see them too.

I’ve heard it said, the Audacity team receives a good deal of offers from people to redesign the website or interface.

The website could be drastically improved in 2 hours by any decent designer. I won’t go into detail on that as it’s really not that complicated. Suffice to say I would redesign the graphics as a quick fix for free and the rest of the site in it’s entirety if they asked me to. Back to my point…

This is such a great application but still very utilitarian and generic in appearance. I also sense there must be some resistance or complication to the idea of changing the look as it’s been this way for quite a long time and and I can only speculate that either they’ve not found the right artist or something else(possibly the difficulty in reconfiguring the way the interface is written in the code or free time on the part of the coders) is preventing this from being a priority. I’m just curious what’s preventing this from improving and if I can help somehow. My apologies if this is already in the works…

I’d like to show a bit of interface design concept work I did for Audacity on a whim and see if the development team might be able to use it or some variation of it or something totally different and better someone else comes up with. I’ve posted it in the forum here and would be glad even to develop it based on any specific guidelines required. I’d post the source images for modification or create variations based on suggestions of anyone who cares to add input.

I would gladly do this without fanfare for the improvement of the project. I mean no offense whatsoever to the Audacity team as the software is excellent and I use it all the time. But I think it’s pretty obvious it needs a face lift if it’s going to be taken seriously. I know it sounds harsh but it visually has the look of an Amiga application circa 1989( I loved mine BTW ). I churn out graphics/proofs very quickly and don’t mind bending to other people’s ideas to make something great. I’m also a programmer and I know how to move from concept to cutting up graphics and how to layer them in an application should there be any question of how to implement a radically different GUI and not just replace existing graphics.

I don’t require credit for my work, I just want Audacity to stop looking like a moped when it has a jet engine under the hood. It doesn’t have to be all glass and plastic either… look at Ableton Live for example.

Here is the example I uploaded to the skin post previously(mind the clipping :blush: ). What could I change to make it better? Should I bother? Am I just way off base here?

I heartily agree with you. I’m hoping that the “skinning” capability comes back in v.1.4

As I’m bored I decided to play around with the other thing I made up and try for a little more of a subtle simplistic look.

I much prefer the former ice-cool look that you had earlier in this thread, fractalorangejuice, gives Auadacity a nice look.

I’m not sure that the re-skin facility is still available in the latest version of the Beta/Production s/w…

One of the best things I like about Audacity is that it DOESN’T look like these black-velvet-painting “updates”.


I dont think audacity should look like any of the ones i have seen, the look kind of childish to me, i’d like it if audacity kept is basic layout but was sprused up a bit, at the moment i think it look like win98. The mac one look much nicer, but thats only because of the way it is made for macs. if audacity could be themed it would be great! Everyone would have it look they wat they want! But, i think is realy needs a more retail/Professional look.

Hope it happens! :smiley:

i downloaded the source and tried to play with it, but no matter what i try, i can’t get any changes to the buttons (i’m using the button graphic as a test) to display in the compiled application. even if i delete the button icons, clean the source tree and recompile, they still look the same, and it compiles fine, which leads me to believe that maybe the source has a new way of displaying images etc, and there are lots of old files left behind. this makes it really hard to do any work on the interface.

looking further into it, it seems that ‘ThemeAsCeeCode.h’ is where the buttons are drawn. this file is not human editable. there is mention in ‘themability.dox2’ that there is supposed to be functions in the preferences to dump out a theme for modification etc, but i can’t find it anywhere. --enable-debug doesn’t add any extra options in the preferences dialog (as themability.dox2 implies). what am i doing wrong?


i can’t find the ‘theme’ preferences dialog. i have compiled latest cvs (19 may 2008) and can’t find any reference to themes in the preferences


You are not doing anything wrong. Support for themes was dropped a few versions ago and as far as I’m aware it has not (yet) been brought back. Perhaps in version 1.4?

hmm… thats odd. the code looks like it all but supports it. maybe i’ll have a look at the current ‘theme’ file to see how they made that. don’t like my chances though, it is essentially a binary dump to a c array, not very user friendly :slight_smile:


I’m eager to start skinning with Audacity too, but I can’t find Themes on my beta 1.3.4 either.

Is there somewhere I can download the 1.3.3 version from sourceforge (for win xp)? I’d really appreciate it!

My apologies–should have known better than to ask without asking Google first… :blush: (For those looking for a version that supports themes: Beta 1.3.3 with theme ability can be found here:

I think a visually pleasing theme is very important for the next release… but it also must be clean, simple, and have wide appeal. The interface for a tool like Audacity is not the place for intense graphic design (ie, sharp gradients, brushed metal)–it’ll alienate users and get too old too quickly.

Below is a version of a theme-in-progress I’m working on based on the free Silk icons ( I think it’s a nice, fresh update to the current UI–especially the new tool icons. Thoughts/comments?

  • Sam PL

very nice. i like the understated look, not trying to be ‘cool’ or ‘exciting’, but looking clean and modern.

i think another important thing though that needs improving (and will take a lot more work) is the canvas that the wave is drawn on. i love the way jokosher uses antialiasing to smooth the waveform view (although i think audacity would still need to show the full waveform, not the ‘rectified top half’ view of jokosher’s).
a screenshot:

i think with something like your new icon/button theme and this kind of visual improvement, audacity will look as good as it can work :slight_smile:


Well, hello. I personally like the refreshing colors of Jokosher’s UI and wave color myself. I tried my shot at meddling with the dull colors of Audacity to reproduce Jokosher’s wave track. I would really appreciated if you could please implement your buttons to my ImageCache, SamPL. I really believe this bend would really give Audacity a breath of fresh air. :bulb:
:smiley: Thank you.

These are the Jokosher colors in action.
Here is the ImageCache file.

Here’s the .png for my image theme.

If anyone wants to make further mods, I’ve also uploaded the original photoshop file and .png in a .zip here: