Request : Modified Nyquist Band Stop Filter for up to 20Khz


I’m hoping that someone here might be of assistance. I am looking for a modified Nyquist Band Stop Filter plugin that would go over the current limit of 10Khz. I am thinking maximum 20Khz would be enough as it is the suggested maximum audible frequency for humans.

What do I need this for? Notch therapy. Notch therapy is used for Tinnitus reduction and I have had VERY positive results for other frequencies that I’ve been able to use this method on. I even tried this to help my father-in-law who has had Tinnitus for a long time and he says it is quiet now, almost non-existent. I have done the files as per the instructions at this site As far as I can tell, the need is for a wider 1 octave area to be notched as compared to the “Notch filter” which only notches a smaller frequency area. My current tinnitus is around 12Khz and I would like to see if I can beat it down with proper filtering.

The machine I’m currently using Audacity 2.1.2 with runs OSX 10.9.5. The 10Khz frequency limited band stop filter was downloaded from here

Any help with this is greatly appreciated as this really has the potential to help many people out there!

Hello again welmeri,

I think this post answers your question:

Thanks a lot Steve! I will have a look at that thread!

If you search the forum for the word “Tinnitus” (search box in top right corner), there’s also a couple of other threads on the subject that you may find interesting/useful.