Request for API key using Scripting Module

HI all,
Is there any way that I can get an API from Audacity to use within a Python code? I read about the scripting module which allows users to annotate and manipulate audio clips. What is the best way to implement this into the code?

Do you have any experience building C++ projects?

The scripting interface is an optional module that is not built by default. The module needs to be compiled on the same day as Audacity for it to work.
The module is called mod-script-pipe. I’ve not tried building it for quite a while, but as far as I’m aware it should still work.
The code is included with the Audacity source code:

There is some documentation for building on Windows here:
If you intend to build Audacity from the source code and have not done so previously, there are some tips that I can give you that are not yet in the official documentation, so please ask.