Request clarification for Binaural Beats plug-in

Hi & thanks in advance…

Is the ‘Right Channel Beat frequency’ the intended resulting entrainment frequency (eg - if I want a beta wavelength at 18 hz, I input 18 hz), or would I input 118 hz if I leave the left channel at 100 hz?

Also, is the ‘time to change to the next frequency’ additional time (added to the duration at the frequency)?

Thanks so much!


Could you post a link and the exact name of the effect that you are referring to (there is more than one “Binaural Beats” plug-in in existence).

Sorry - I’m using the Nyquist Binaural Tones with surf 2 plug-in. Not sure what you mean by link…

There are some instructions here: Missing features - Audacity Support

if you want a beta wavelength at 18 Hz, you would need to input 18 Hz.
(The plug-in will then automatically work out that it needs to generate a tone at 118 Hz.)

If you have (for example):

4   0.5   0.25
50  0.75

This will produce a constant beat frequency of 4 Hz for 30 seconds (0.5 minutes), then the beat frequency will gradually change over the next 15 seconds (0.25 minutes) by which time the beat frequency will have reached 50 Hz. The beat frequency will then remain at 50 Hz for 45 seconds (0.75 minutes).