Replicating Sound Blaster "Smart Volume" effect


I’m currently trying to replicate the effect that the “Smart Volume” setting of current Sound Blaster cards applies.
It seems to be a compressor but I’m not sure what the settings would look like. It seems like it has a lot of make-up gain.
Please see this image for a comparison of a sound file. The upper track is recorded with “Smart Volume” enabled, the lower track is the original. I was not able to align them perfectly, unfortunately. But the difference should be visible across most of it.
Any ideas?

Yes that looks like a form of compression - probably closer to an “AGC” (automatic gain control) effect (like the automatic audio recording level in video cameras).

Your screenshot does not show the time scale, so I can only guess about that.
Here is the “before and after” using Audacity’s “Compressor” effect:

Full Window000.png
Full Window001.png

Your guess seems to be pretty close!

I’ve attached another screenshot to this post with the timescale included.
Increasing the release time to 10 seconds and increasing the threshold to -50dB looks a bit better, too. However, it’s still a bit off… but this is an excellent start, thank you.

If you’re looking for an Over The Top compression effect …