Replicating Dolby's DRC presets in Audacity?

When watching movies with 5.1 DTS or AC3 audio on stereo speakers, almost always the speech volume is too low and explosions are too loud.

Dolby AC3 decoders have dynamic range compression presets for playing multichannel audio on stereo speakers.

The following is Dolby’s “Film Standard” DRC preset:

Max Boost: 6 dB (below -43dB).
Boost Range: -43 to -31dB (2:1 ratio).
Null Band Width: 5dB (-31 to -26dB).
Early Cut Range: -26 to -16dB (2:1 ratio).
Cut Range: -16 to +4dB (20:1 ratio).

When downmixing 5.1 audio to stereo, Is it possible to replicate these settings in Audacity with its compressor?

Audacity does have a Compressor effect but you probably can’t exactly-match those settings and it would take more than one pass, and some “thinking & planning” because the multiple passes will overlap & “add up”.

You also need to know the attack & release times.

You might look for a 3rd-party compressor plug-in. I assume somebody makes one to duplicate the Dolby settings…