Replicate or extend a piece of an audio track

I am using Audacity to mix some audio tracks. I wish to mix the 2nd track before the 1st end completely.
For this purpose sometime will be very useful extend a piece of the audio track to make easy the mix.
For example I have to mix 2 songs but the firs end very soon so I would like to have a tool that take the last 2-3 notes (for example highlighting them) and replicate them in a short loop (few seconds). I have noticed this function in some mixer (software based).
Someone knows if can I do the same with Audacity?

You can do that with the “Repeat” effect:

Thank you Steve, although this is a useful effect I was looking for something else, it was my fault as I didn’t explain it very well.
Using repeat I can hear something that start and end and restart … i was looking for something that “stretch” the part in a linear way … I don’t know if it does make sense.

Maybe I found it Paulstretch

Audcaity has 2: Sliding Stretch & PaulStretch

That’s what you would use the “Repeat” effect for. Of course, for it to sound natural, you will need to ensure that the selection makes sense musically. That usually means making the selection from the beginning of a bar, and selecting a complete musical phrase.

Audacity has several “stretch” tools:
Change Speed Change Speed and Pitch - Audacity Manual
Change Tempo Change Tempo - Audacity Manual
Sliding Stretch Sliding Stretch - Audacity Manual
Paulstretch Paulstretch - Audacity Manual