I have multiple tracks that I want to normalize all of them
I use left channel for click track and right channel for music. I use this in a live band scenario
I make the left click channel much louder on purpose.
My question is , can I use replay gain on the 2 stereo channels separately. I do see in normalize settings that there is a check box to normalize tracks independently but I would like to use Replay gain to do this

I cant seem to edit the parameters in the editchain that i am using
This is what is there

action=“Normalize” amp=“2.000000000000”

I am assuming i need to somehow add this parameter

ApplyGain=“1” Level=“0.000000000000” RemoveDcOffset=“1” StereoIndependent=“1”

Can anyone advise me on how i can use replaygain to do this for multiple mp3s at once?

Any help greatly appreciated

or would i add normalize function to the replay gain in the chain?

I’ve never used batch/chain processing…

You can [u]split the stereo track[/u] to process the left & right channels independently.

I would assume the click track has a known-consistent volume, so although you might need to adjust the volume you should be able to adjust it by the same amount every time without using ReplayGain.

There are 400 different songs I need to do this to
To answer your question, yes the click track volume is the same throughout the thrack individually, the volume of the click track differs between songs. So i want to make it consistent.