replase/overwrite versus insert

I am looking for the opportunity to overwrite a selected part in a track with new text from an undelaying trac without extending the timeline. Found only a workaround, deleting the selection and then copy paste. Think it should be possible just to select and overwrite?

Yes you can:

  1. Select the part that you want to copy
  2. “Ctrl + C” (copy)
  3. Select the part that you want to replace
  4. “Ctrl + V” (paste)

The only tricky part is ensuring that the part that you select in step 3 (above) is exactly the same length as the part that you selected in step 1.
The easiest solution to this is to not paste into the same track, but paste into a new track like this:

Note that the pasted clip is selected (highlighted). If it’s not selected, double click on it to select it.

  1. “Enter” (toggle track selection off)
  2. Up cursor (move focus to “original track”)
  3. “Enter” (toggle selection of original track on / selected)

The project should now look like this:

4. “Alt + Ctrl + K” (split delete:

When you export, the tracks are mixed down into a single file.

Greate Thanks !!