replacing audio clip

I am using audacity 2.x on Windows 7 X64. I want to know how to replace a brief section of audio on 1 track with the exact same length of audio from another track (but from a different position on the timeline), in the quickest and simplest way. Specifically, I am recording audiobooks, and sometimes I need to replace a breath or external noise with plain ambient room noise. I have recorded about 15 seconds of ambient room noise on a separate track to use for these purposes. I don’t want to change the timing or pacing of the reading at all; just cut a section of audio on 1 track, and replace it with the audio of ambient room noise from another track (and a different position on the timeline).

There is a plug-in available here that will probably help:

From the descriptions on the linked post, this sounds like exactly what I need, however, I am unable to open the plug-in attachments in Windows 7. Any help with downloading and installing these plug-ins? Thanks

Visit Punch Copy/Paste - #10 by steve , then right click over the first link in the attachment and choose “Save As” or “Save Taget As” or similar. Repeat for the second link.

When you have both NY files, follow the installation instructions here:
Missing features - Audacity Support .


Thanks!! It works perfectly!