Replace Ogg Vorbis stream with WAV

This is something a little unusual I’m doing to upgrade a sound hack for a PC game, but I think it should be doable.

The original files are Ogg Vorbis, and have metadata in the Ogg container that makes the whole thing work in the game. I want to import those Ogg Vorbis files into Audacity, delete the Vorbis audio, replace it with the WAV audio and export Ogg WAV with the original metadata. It seems like there has to be a way to do this, I just haven’t been able to find it by playing around with different things in the menus or Google.

Running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (think 7 but it does more) and using Audacity 2.0.3. Can update Audacity if needed.

It’s not clear what you need…

Can Audacity read the metadata or is this some special game-metadata? If Audacity can read it, Audacity should be able to write it. Audacity can write metadata to a WAV file, but metadata for “regular” ( uncompressed PCM) WAV files is not well-standardized or well-supported. If it’s something special for the game, you probably need a special tool to write it (which may, or may-not, be available to the public).

and export Ogg WAV

An Ogg WAV??? Although the WAV “container” does support compressed audio, I don’t actually know how to create such a file. …Maybe with FFmpeg?

Mp3tag, (despite the name), may be of use in transferring the metadata from OGG files to the transcoded WAV versions.

Mp3tag could probably get all of the metadata I need, but that doesn’t address the main problem. I’m essentially hacking a hack on my end, and everything in the original audio hack (from MIDI to vorbis) needs to stay in place for me to swap out the ogg vorbis files for the ogg wav files. The audio needs to remain lossless, that is the whole point of what I am doing. I need export an ogg container with wav audio, rather than vorbis audio. I confirmed the off container supporrs wav, it’s just how to get there from here. Everything I can find in Audacity using the ogg container assumes vorbis transcoding, which isn’t getting me where I want to go. Is that more clear for what I’m trying to do?