Replace "Cross Fade In" and "Cross Fade Out" effects

I think that we all like things to do what they say on the tin.
The “Cross Fade In” and “Cross Fade Out” effects do not perform cross-fades and IMO should be replaced by an effect that does.

I would like the “Cross Fade In” and “Cross Fade Out” effects to be replaced with this (one) Cross-Fade effect: (or something much like it).

This effect includes the functionality of both “Cross Fade In” and “Cross Fade Out”, and more importantly it can do a cross-fade.

+1 yes I like clearly labelled tins …


see reply to

+1 way better than current offering

Steve does your recent work on a plugin for this negate the need to move this to the Feature Requests page later - i.e. is it already “Work In Progress”?


Yes it is a work in progress.

OK - moving it to Audio Processing section.