Replace clip audio source?

Here’s what I’d like to do:

  1. Open soundclip1.wav
  2. Pitch shift the audio (not touching the duration), and export it as soundclip2.wav (and 3,4,etc.)
  3. Re-open soundclip1.wav, split and isolate a bunch of segments, and save the project
  4. Export the clips (via Export Multiple)
  5. REPLACE soundclip1.wav with soundclip2.wav, basically using the new audio source but keeping my current clip selections
  6. Export the same clips but with the new, pitch-shifted audio

Is step #5 possible? Can you replace the base audio, keeping the clip timing intact?

No, but you could add a label track, and label each clip, then after you’ve replaced the audio track, split it based on the labels.
See these pages of the manual:

Thanks for the reply! Do I understand correctly that the best approach is to have a single project with all the pitch variation tracks stacked, then add a single label track where I set all my ins and outs, and solo each audio track for each export?