Repeated note while changing tempo for PART of a song

I’m trying to change the tempo of the first part of a song by 40%. It does it just fine, but the final note of the changed area doubles, sounding kind of like a skip, before going on to the rest of the song. Is there a way to fix this, or are we not really supposed to change the tempo for just part of a song? Thanks!

Windows 10

Create 2 versions on separate tracks: the original and a duplicate.
Only apply the tempo change to the duplicate.
Then drag the clips on the timeline so they are in-sync.

Ensure that you enable the “High Quality” option when you change the tempo (or pitch) of a note within a track.

That DID reduce the problem somewhat, but unfortunately didn’t fix it entirely… Still, useful to know, thank you!

My computer crashed, and when I got everything back up, and duplicated what I’d done, now I’m just getting a little clicking sound… Not only from where I’ve changed the tempo, but there’s another section where I changed the volume, and there is a click for THAT as well. In both cases, the click comes at the END of the altered section, there isn’t a click at the beginning of either altered section… Is that meaningful?

Unfortunately, the video you sent me to doesn’t make any sense to me; I have no idea how to make one of those clips, and research has not revealed how to create anything like the video shows, much less how to take it from one window to another…?

The clicks can sometimes be avoided by selecting zero-crossing sections,
or removed using repair at the join.
[crossfade is another strategy to avoid clicks at the join]

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