Repeated Exception Code 0x40000015

I’m working on an Audacity project with four audio tracks, all recordings of people speaking. I am getting a repeated, perfectly replicable crash where during playback, at a particular point in the track Audacity crashes. The message I get starts with the following info, if helpful:

Operating system: Windows NT
10.0.22621 3007
CPU: amd64
family 6 model 126 stepping 5
8 CPUs


Crash reason: 0x40000015 / 0x00000001
Crash address: 0x7fffff14baf6
Process uptime: 71 seconds

What’s weirder is I’ve opened each of the four tracks individually in a new project and played through that section, and none of them crashed then. Even more strangely, there seems to be a “problem section” - within a minute or so of the original (and consistent) spot, if I try to start playback past the crash it will play for a second or two and then crash with the same error message. But if I start much further along in the track, it plays back with no issue at all!

I tried exporting the audio just to see what would happen. It told me it exported with an error, and I ended up with a track that seems to be what I’ve edited up to the crash. But the timing on the track seems to be off - it claims the track is 1 hour 43 minutes long, but the section of audio up to the crash is only about 33 minutes (and the total playback length should be only about an hour). Spot checking through the track, I don’t find any loops or dead air…and when I click on the skip 10s back or 30s forward buttons, it the timestamp changes but it only skips about 2 seconds in the actual track…it’s all very strange!

Would appreciate any advice anyone can offer!

Slight update: I figured out which track seems to have been causing the issue (by deleting the tracks and playing through them one at a time) but am still not sure why it’s causing an issue (it worked fine by itself!). Would still appreciate any insights!

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