repeat a selection over and over.. [SOLVED]

I have audacity 2.1.2
I don’t remember if I got the zip or not.

All I want to do is make a small piece of vocal sounds, birdcalls maybe - for half a minute maybe - and then repeat that for half an hour

Then burn a cd of it.

can’t figure out how to do it.

anyone can help?



Audacity does have a repeat tool, which repeats the selected audio, but you’ll have to select the start & end points carefully for a seamless loop …

Audacity doesn’t burn CD’s , you’ll need other software to do that …

Yes, i have seen that tool . I was using it. it played on and on fine - but I’ve got no indication of how to save it to a file.

I had to go before I got a chance to save that file - mean export to audio file of course, not save an audacity project - but I can’t see that exporting the audio would do more than export that short selected clip - or the whole recorded track. But it can’t save a one hour stretch of it, can it? without being told I want one hour.

and that’s the point. where/when/how does it ask me how much I want of this repetition and then allow me to export it?

If you Effect > Repeat… a selection, the selection is extended.

If you then File > Export Selected Audio…, you will export only the selection that you extended.

If you FIle > Export Audio…, you will export the entire track, including the extended selection.


Thank you. I was all wrong there. It wasn’t the repeat tool I’d used. I don’t know what. But the repeat tool gives you what I was looking for: somewhere to input how many repeats you want. I was into something to do with looping.

Anyway it’s all fine now, my mistake.

Thanks very much.