Repair Plugin: Ctrl-R should not bring up warning message

The “Repair” Plugin should not bring up the “The Repair effect is intended to be used on very short…” warning box when invoked via Ctrl-R / repeat effect.
When you are in the unfortunate situation that you have to do lots of waveform repairs the message turns into a real “nag screen”. I would even suggest a “do not show this message again” checkbox as the message is annoying.

If the effect fails (because the selection is too long), don’t you want to know that?

If you are trying to fix a subtle click, the click may be audible but not visible in the waveform. So if you inadvertently made the selection a bit too long for the Repair effect, how would you know that the Repair effect silently failed? Obviously you would know as soon as you play the track, but by then you will probably need to hunt for the precise location of the click all over again.

Understandable. The thing I want to avoid is to have to grab the mouse and click “OK”. This looks simple, but while currently editing a difficult recording it turns out to be a real nuisance. Maybe the message could be displayed in the status bar for a few seconds or in another place where it does not interrupt the workflow.

Press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Thansk for the simple “trick”. Not ergonomically optimal, but at least better than the mouse.

What are you repairing?

If it’s clicks there are better tools.


Agreed and already done. I am using the experimental ESP - Clip Fix plugin now. Works like a charm as long as you are not crashing it by selecting a region that is too large for the plugin.

You might want to try Bran Davies’ excellent ClickRepair - costs a little but you get a free trial. It’s what I used when I was digitising my LP collection.

See this sticky thread: