render spectograms in jpeg or png


I would like to export a spectrogram as a jep or png. But not a screenshot?
Is there a way to do it through audacity?
Can you pliz help on this?


Not through Audacity.

Windows 7 has a Snipping Tool program that will allow you to either shoot the whole screen or draw a box around your area of interest. That’s how I got this picture of the Control Panel (click the graphic).

Audacity has had screenshot tools for a few years now

The things you learn on the forum.


I wonder where the other posting went. Twilight Zone Moment.

Audacity capture tools:

Help > Tools.

I’m doing this in Audacity 2.2.1.


PNG is a loss-less format. JPEG is lossy. It throws away some picture information to get small files.

For one simple example, If you have a sky all the same color blue, you only need three digital numbers. Which blue, upper left and lower right locations. That’s a stunning reduction in data. Lossy compression means you can guess at some of the blues. There’s other tricks, too.

The problem comes if you need to do production with JPEG files. You should remember even though they look cool, they’re actually damaged.


Thank you for the help!