Renaming tracks & clips

First of all, thank you for Audacity over the years. It’s just amazing and gets better and better, and similarly I’m enjoying the improvements in 3.x. Using the clip handles etc. is definitely easier, and I have a question regarding tracks/clips naming.

Okay, so supposing I record (e.g.) 10 guitar takes, and I get 10 tracks, each called “Track” by default, and each with one clip called “Track #1”. When I rename the tracks to “Guitar Take 1”, “…Take 2”, etc. then ideally I’d like the corresponding clips to rename “Guitar Take 1 #1”, “…Take 2 #1”, etc. At the moment, all 10 clips remain named “Track #1”, and I have to rename the clips separately to the tracks.

Am I missing something? Could there be an “Auto-rename clips” tick box on the “Set Track Name” dialog? Or perhaps 3 “Clip rename” settings: (1) None, (2) Auto (renames only “ExistingTrackName #" clips to "NewTrackName #”) and (3) Force (renames all clips to NewTrackName #1-n).

It’s only a tiny workflow issue for me, but the current behaviour does seem counter-intuitive, and I’d imagine it would be fairly easy to implement.

I think the development team is intending to change this. The first development versions of clip names did have auto-numbering, but it did not work well, so it has been removed until they can get it to work better.

Thank you for the reply, and that seems like good news too.