Renaming tracks & clips

First of all, thank you for Audacity over the years. It’s just amazing and gets better and better, and similarly I’m enjoying the improvements in 3.x. Using the clip handles etc. is definitely easier, and I have a question regarding tracks/clips naming.

Okay, so supposing I record (e.g.) 10 guitar takes, and I get 10 tracks, each called “Track” by default, and each with one clip called “Track #1”. When I rename the tracks to “Guitar Take 1”, “…Take 2”, etc. then ideally I’d like the corresponding clips to rename “Guitar Take 1 #1”, “…Take 2 #1”, etc. At the moment, all 10 clips remain named “Track #1”, and I have to rename the clips separately to the tracks.

Am I missing something? Could there be an “Auto-rename clips” tick box on the “Set Track Name” dialog? Or perhaps 3 “Clip rename” settings: (1) None, (2) Auto (renames only “ExistingTrackName #" clips to "NewTrackName #”) and (3) Force (renames all clips to NewTrackName #1-n).

It’s only a tiny workflow issue for me, but the current behaviour does seem counter-intuitive, and I’d imagine it would be fairly easy to implement.

I think the development team is intending to change this. The first development versions of clip names did have auto-numbering, but it did not work well, so it has been removed until they can get it to work better.

Thank you for the reply, and that seems like good news too.

steve can u tell in which version this feature was and when its going to added again

I see from your other post that you are interested in automatic renaming of clips when you split.
The auto-numbering of clips applied to recording new clips, not to splitting clips. I don’t think Audacity has ever had auto-renaming clips when splitting.

if this is not possible then is it possible that while splitting audacity tell me how many clips are there.

i will tell you the whole story, i have 100 images which have sole text on them and their audio file. now i want to split that track into hundred subtracks. now the issue is that i some times forgot to split the audio according to the image and in the end i came to know that there are 100 images but 95 audio files. so i have to again go through that where i forgot. the good thing here is that the images have numbering from 1-100. but i also want some numbering while splitting the audio while so that i cant made a mistake when i export the audio files.

There’s a plug-in in my blog for exporting clips: Export Clips | AudioNyq

i want a plugin which can tell me how many splitted clips are there in the track in audacity. is that possible ?

Try the “Label Summary” plug-in from my blog: Label Track Info | AudioNyq

okay thanx for this. it worked. and one last thing can u guide how can i create a plugin which includes splitting the track and then two times triggering the previous clip selection and in the last it should use this ur label summary plug-in. and i have assigned different keys to these three features but now i wanna create a single entity for these features under one shortcut

Make a macro with those commands, and then assign a shortcut to trigger the macro.

hello steve can u guide me how to move the cursor to selection center in audacity?