Renaming Multiple Tracks

I’m a new member - - - just joined today searching for a FAQ that I also had: “How to rename multiple tracks automatically without having to rename each individually.” I discovered several folks sought answers to the question - - - but I found no solution posted. One enterprising fellow mentioned automating Excel to create his list of names but didn’t take it much further. He’s on the right track . . . . . :slight_smile:

Anyway - - - I have the same need as the original poster (I believe his name was Steve Bender) and I discovered how to do it. I only have 14 tracks to rename where Steve had a couple hundred, but the principle is identical regardless.

Problem is - - - the topic is locked so I can’t post the solution. It’s really quite simple. I can now rename my fourteen tracks in about 1/2 second! I can think of several ways to provide an automated solution to Steve, but the forum won’t allow me to post because I’m too new! Sort of a “Catch-22.”

My current version of Audacity is 2.3.2 running under Windows 10 :unamused:

So I’ll keep an eye out for suggestions about how I can be of assistance.

Steve Bender has not visited this forum for about 4 years, so there is little point in resurrecting such an ancient topic.

Feel free to post a description of your solution to the problem here in this topic.

Please forgive my previous attempts to post a reply. I keep hitting some wrong key long before I’m ready to submit the post. Please remove those false starts and this intro to this post . . .

A description of the solution to the challenge of renaming multiple tracks in Audacity would be far too lengthy and convoluted to try to post here.

Instead, I prepared a video of the solution that can be accessed on YouTube. Here is the URL to that video for the benefit of anyone who might be interested:

Nice video, though I thought it a bit unfair to complain about the answers given 5 years ago and then say “but hey, Audacity already has this functionality, if you know where to look for it.” 5 years ago, Audacity did not have this functionality, but in response to user’s “feature requests”, the functionality was added and is now available in Audacity, through “Macros”.

I liked your clear and thorough description, and very good that you clearly stated the Audacity version number - most videos miss that out, which confuses people if later versions are different.

It is also now possible to make a track renaming Nyquist plug-in (

For example:
renametracks.ny (2.56 KB)

Yup! My bad :astonished: 5 years ago I couldn’t even spell Audacity! I failed to make allowances for development over time. I apologize for what came across as accusatory. It was unintentional.

Anyway - - - I genuinely hope there are people who will find the technique helpful. I’m sure anyone who has invested in a Rodecaster Pro will be interested.

Thanks for enlightening me. I’m looking forward to enjoying this forum.