Removing whistling/screeching sound

Hi. I am a bit of an Audacity newbie and trying to edit some not great audio. I have (helped a lot by reading around on this forum) managed to solve various problems, but can’t seem to solve a whistling/screeching noise around certain letters and sounds (usually involving a “sh” combination) in my recording. I’ve included a short audio sample, but any recommended tips/tools would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Perhaps you are looking for something like this: De-essing plug-in or directions for de-essing

The bit-rate of that MP3 is 32-64kbps.
That’s too low: it’s going to create compression artifacts like whistles.
If you must use MP3 only use it as a delivery format.
Otherwise only use WAV format to maintain quality.

EQ’ing helps a bit …
but it’s a jigsaw with pieces from the spectrum because of the data-loss from the low bit-rate.

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