Removing vocals

Hi. I know that this has been posted MANY times, but I’m really looking to remover someone talking over a song on TV. By reading a few posts, I’m thinking that this can’t be donw. But a really love this news theme and I would like to have a version where someone isn’t talking over it. I’ll appreciate any help… I’ve attached the audio below.
(Just so you know, the news theme is called Move Closer to Your World Esque AKA WPXI Theme by Cliff Schwarz, used by WNEP-TV) I’ve been searching for the full theme forever, I’d love to have it, but it’s only on TV clips in the background. If you would like a few more examples, I’ll gladly post them…

Thanks in advance!

You’re dead, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

Most Vocal Removal works by managing the differences between Left and Right in a stereo show.

This isn’t a stereo show. It may have two blue waves, but they’re the same. It’s two track mono and so not available for vocal management.

Try it. Open your clip in Audacity and carefully watch the bouncing sound meter. Both left and right are the same. If you tried the split, flip, and cancel thing, the show would drop to a straight, flat, silent line. Which you probably did already.

That’s why.

Vocal Removal fails a lot more than it succeeds.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that and let you know how it works. As for the stereo thing, do you think that the channel is stereo and my recorder made it mono? Or was it in the show itself? I really don’t know much about audio as you probably can tell :slight_smile:

You got me. I can’t even work it back to what the producer is thinking about. 90% of a news show is talking people and that generally happens in mono. It’s only the bumpers, interstitials and breaks that are almost certainly in stereo. Your work is right in the middle.

That’s for broadcast. If you’re getting your stuff on-line, it completely depends on who the supplier is and how much they think they can “save” by converting everything to mono. Also I’d be shocked if the “Personal Device Podcast” was stereo. Can you imagine having a car commercial sound swimming as you moved your cellphone?

That’s a good question I have no idea the process. But I can find out. Monday, if I think about it, I’ll record some of the broadcast news shows and see how they do it.

Shirley I know somebody who still does this for a living…


@zammlive, I found this on YouTube. See if that is what you are looking for.