Removing vocals in Windows 10 [CLOSED]

Hi All,

I’ve been using Audacity for a while to remove vocals from mp3’s in Windows 7. However, recently I bought a new computer with Windows 10 installed and I find that the procedure no longer works. I’m using Audacity 2.1.2. I’ve trying doing this in compatibility mode but no luck. Is this a driver issue and if so how is it fixed? Thanks!


You’re using Effect > Vocal Removal, the pre-baked tool?

Does it just fail—have no effect, or does it act badly? I know this isn’t likely, but does it fail on a show that used to work? Can you check that? It might save a lot of analysis.

Basic Vocal Removal is as complicated as a rock, so it’s hard to believe it failed.

Do you know how to do Vocal Removal The Old Way?

Split the stereo show in two using the little black arrow drop-down on the left of the track. Select one track and invert it with Effect > Invert. Put it back together with the left menus Make Stereo Track.

Convert it to mono with Track > Stereo Track to Mono. Any vocal in the Left-Right center of the show should vanish. If the manual method fails, it’s possible you have a show that won’t allow vocal removal and no method will work.

No method works on a mono show—one blue wave.


No, I’m using Invert. Here’s the sequence:

  1. Import Audio
  2. Split Stereo Track
  3. Select one track and under Effects select Invert
  4. Switch both tracks to Mono
  5. Export

This has worked perfectly in the past under Windows 7. No longer works under Windows 10.

Update: I didn’t realize that there’s a Vocal Remover under Effects. I tried this and it works fine. The method I was using was for older versions of Audacity. Thanks for your help!

You must have done something wrong. It works on Windows 10 just like Windows 7.