removing vocals from a track using invert effect?

just wanted to know why the invert effect for removing dialogues or vocals from a song does not always work ? , I mean is it because of the actual mixing of the track if so then is there any other way of removing voacls and dialogues from the music?

You don’t have to go through that whole invert and subtract thing to find out it isn’t going to work. The latest Audacities have a pre-programmed tool that will do it. Effect > Vocal Remover. It may only be available in Audacity 1.3.x.

It never works. There is a significant list of things that can kill this effect.

The original show is in mono.
The singer isn’t in the middle.
The show is highly compressed (MP3)
The show has stereo special effects added to the singer.
Even if it does work, the instruments in the middle (bass, drums) go, too.
You’re left with a mono show.

Did I hit them all? My joke is there are three songs ever recorded where this process works really well.

There are pay to play tools that might work better.

Voice Removal or Isolation
–Center Pan Remover (Voice Remover–Search the page for “Center Pan Remover”)
–Voice Trap
–Extra Boy


thankyou for ur reply , theres no way to remove dialgoues , its just our chance

Some of those paid packages claim to be able to get around some of the problems. I know one of them claims to be able to reduce or eliminate vocals even when the performer isn’t in the middle of the show.