Removing Vocals But Keeping Hook (Chorus)

I have Audacity 2.0.1 on Windows 7 and was wondering how I can remove the vocals from a song while still keeping the hook (chorus). I already know how to remove vocals regularly, I was just wondering if this was possible. :unamused:


Not in Audacity, or not without a lot of editing depending on the song. Vocal Removal is a very simple arithmetic tool and it’s possible to outstrip its abilities very quickly. In general, past simple vocal removal, you can’t take a mixed song apart.


Try the following steps:

  • select each chorus section in turn and do the following:
  • Edit > Remove Audio > Split Cut
  • Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track
  • Edit > Paste

You will end up with your original track - minus all the choruses, plus a track for each of the choruses

Now remove vocals on the master track (there is no guarantee this will be totally successful). Finally select all of the tracks and do Tracks > Mix and Render. This will recombine all the pieces back into a single track which will have the verses with no vocals and the choruses just as they were.

Thanks so much :stuck_out_tongue: . I had to use different windows but I nailed it.