Removing truly blank--not silent-space

Ι have been using Audacity to record lectures for many years. In the last three months, I’ve run into a brand-new problem. I will be in the middle of editing a track when I suddenly come to an empty space. I don’t mean silent. There is nothing in it. However, selecting it and pressing “delete” does nothing. I don’t know why I have begun getting this problem. Surely there’s not a short-cut key sequence to “mess up totally your recording.” How can I delete this section? Is there some way to prevent it? If it’s because I did hit some short-cut key combination, what might it be in order for me to undo it? I am constantly having to drag what it to the right of this empty area to the left to get a cohesive recording. Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


Just have the same issue. I don’t even get it dragged together yet… but am fairly new to Audacity, so I might still work that out.

Here’s a description of how my recording looks like: I have an audio 1 #1 (so called by the program), then a lot of space where there’s no recording, then an audio piece called audio 1 only (where there’s no voice or anything in it), then again for a couple of second no recording at all (truly blank space), then audio 1 #2 starts where my main audio starts again. So I need to get audio 1 #1 and audio 1 # 2 together. When I delete the space in between (I cut it), it’s not working at all.

During the recording, I stopped the recording in between, but then continued it … I thought that was possible… (but as I said, I’m new).

So, in the case there’s no putting together possible anymore, I think I’ll duplicate the recording and then save audio 1/1 and 1/2 separately and then upload them in two parts, correct?

Thank you to anyone who has an idea!!



I feel your pain. It took a bit of clicking around, but you click near the end of the top left of the track past the blank spot, you will see a hand. Hold your left mouse button down and drag it to the edge of the content that came before. That works for me, but I want to know what causes this DMZ in the recording. You mentioned pausing. I'll have to see if that does this. Thanks.


Thanks so much, Ken! Will do that!

Hi Ken, I found a way, maybe it works for you too. Mark all audio sections. Then go to edit → audio clips → join. I have a mac, not sure if it’s different for windows. Good luck!

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