Removing the Piano from a Track

I’m currently using a track that has piano in the background. Now I want to remove that so that I can sample what remains. Problem is I’ve tried some frequencies and reduced the volumes but sometimes they don’t work, and other times it works but the quality is absolutely ruined since I go from 500Hz all the way up to 20KHz but the piano has still been removed. Can someone please tell me which frequencies to lower to eliminate the piano in the background but still have the other sounds in at least 70% the original quality? Thanks.

Audacity has no good tools to split a performance into individual instruments and voices and that’s what you need to delete or manage them.

Each instrument has the note it’s playing, yes, but it’s richness and pleasant sound comes from the overtones.

These are the overtones and their frequencies of a piano playing G way down on the left. And that’s only one note.

That’s why individual frequency splitting isn’t working.