Removing squelch/pop sound from vocal recording

Windows 10 ( Audacity 2.1.2 )
I have no idea how to describe this sound, but I’ve attached a sample of it.

Basically it’s all over the recording. It’s easy to remove it when it’s alone with no vocals (ain’t everything?), but there’s plenty more during the talking parts and I can’t even see it properly in the spectogram most of the time.
Any tips of how to get rid of it?

Those noises have highest energy at about 10kHz , you may have to zoom-out on the spectrogram to see above 8kHz,
also achievable by increasing the maximum frequency of the spectrogram display in Audacity preferences
Audacity-Preference-Spectrograms-Maximum Frequency default is 8000Hz.png

The noises are mechanical, rather than digital artifacts, and there is a build-up before the peak : like foreshocks before an earthquake.

My guess is it’s the diaphragm in the microphone freeing-itself after becoming stuck. When you speak it’s occasionally forcing the diaphragm into a position where it’s getting temporarily stuck, then frees itself like a low-budget post-it-note, making a 10KHz click-noise in the process.

Microphone diaphragms are very delicate and not cleanable by users.

Ah thanks. I actually didn’t notice it wasn’t showing the entire frequency range.
Though I believe the person I was recording simply built up a lot of saliva in their mouth and it caused those sounds and I didn’t pick it up during recording. The microphone is less than a month old, so I highly suspect it something is up with the diaphragm. But I’ll keep it in mind in case this happens in the future with other sounds.

I just tried and it was easier to notice them as they did spike a little bit above on spectrogram, and I could just remove them (or at least one I spotted right after reading this. There are still a few with lower frequencies). Thanks!
It’s definitely tedious, but doable. I tried using noise removal but it was not too effective, and degraded the quality of vocals. Didn’t expect much to be honest. Ahh well, not everything is 1 click solution.

In my analogy, saliva is the glue on the low-budget post-it-note.

There is a De-Clicker plugin you could try, from here
Paul-L's De-Clicker in action using settings shown.gif
You’ll have change De-Clicker settings, as the default-values only covers up to 9kHz …
Paul-L's De-Clicker (NB upper frequency is 15000Hz).png