Removing specific sound from audio

I currently have audio of gameplay and I want to remove the discord mute/unmute sound effect. I’ve tried removing it via the spectrogram but that seemed to make the original audio. I’ve tried adding an inverted version of the sound and that seems to mostly work. The mute/unmute sound effects are much more faint but it requires a lot of time to line it up right. I was wondering if there was another way to remove these sound effects or a way to make the whole “lining up for phase cancellation” method easier?

Note: My knowledge on audio in general is pretty low, I’ve only started using audacity like a week ago.

If you can record the sound of the mute/unmute sound effects by themself without any game sound, you can then load those effects on a separate track then select the sound effect in the sound effect track, then go the the effects menu and select noise reduction and click profile noise. Then after you do that you need to select the same sound effect in your game play sound, then go the the effects menu again and select noise reduction and then click reduce noise. That may help a bit but you may loose some wanted gameplay sound as well depending on whether the effect sound is close the the same frequency and amplitude as the game sound. Some other way that might work would be to figure out what frequency range the sound effect plays at and then use a noise gate filter to remove that frequency range. One other thing you could play with is a sound source separation software called ISSE (Interactive Source Separation Editor) it is free and it is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux, and it is located at

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