Removing silent parts automatically

I saw that one can find and label all silent parts (by “silence finder”) in a recording but I did not find the way to remove them all, except in a manual way (select & delete). Is there a way to remove all such parts automatically? Moreover, is that an option the cause Audacity no to record silent gaps?

There is no way to get Audacity to automatically remove silence or to avoid recording it in the first place. You could ask for this feature in the “Adding Features to Audacity” forum. The more people that ask, the higher the priority.

In Audacity 1.3.4 there is an effect called “Truncate Silence”.

Whoa, news to me.

I’ll have to remember that. It looks like it works fairly well, but you’ll have to tell it exactly what you mean by “silence.”

And who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks :smiley:

(just kiddin’ alatham)

And how.