Removing parts creates crackling sound


When cutting an audio file, I have observed the following: If I shorten longer pauses or remove mouth noises (with “delete”), a crackling noise usually arises at the point.

This parts is difficult to remove. Sometimes fade out, disabling or amplification to minus db helps. Sometimes I need all the effects, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Deleting the crackling part creates two of them. :angry: I haven’t found anything about it on the internet. Please help ne on how to remove parts without creating crackling sounds.


To avoid this situation, see Select Menu: At Zero Crossings

To correct this situation, see Crossfade Clips

Thank you, it was really helpful.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me with pops within a word. I have a pop filter and the following sample recording is not the typical case of P, B etc. I couldn’t see if it was overdriven during the recording because the interface was out of view. Could that be the cause? It’s very hard to isolate that.

Zooming in very close (
we can see a discontinuity in the waveform.

First Track000.png
Such discontinuities are audible as clicks or pops.

By carefully choosing the start and end points of the selection, we can make a cut after which the waveform is continuous across the edit point:

First Track001.png
First Track002.png