Removing one path from song (Windows 10)

Hello! I need to isolate some paths from my song. I’ve got two files. In first i’ve got original song, in second i’ve got drum cover of this sing. Is possible to remove original voices from this drum cover. I need only drums from this cover (without vocals, pianos, guitars…)

I don’t know what you mean by “drum cover”, but I guess it’s not drums-only?

The short answer is NO… “You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg and you can’t un-mix a song.”

If you could un-mix it would eliminate the need for multitrack recording. With multitrack recording each singer and each instrument is recorded on a separate track. The mixing engineer can then adjust the volumes or add effects to each track separately or instruments/vocals can be re-recorded later, etc.

You can of course, isolate the left or right.

Or a vocal remover effect will subtract left from right to to remove everything in the “center”* (everything that’s identical and in-phase in the left & right channels).

There is also a more-sophisticated plug-in called Vocal Reduction and Isolation. It can keep the “center” and throw-away the sides (again with optional frequency filtering).

So, there are a few “tricks” with left, right, and center, but these are mostly novelty effects and you rarely get professional-sounding results.

Other subtraction tricks are also possible in certain specific cases… Let’s say you have a vocal track and that same-exact vocal track mixed with a guitar. You can subtract-out the vocal track leaving the guitar. But odds are, if you have the separate vocal track you also have the separate guitar track already. And it has to be exact… If you record yourself saying “Hello”, make a copy and subtract, you’ll get pure silence. But if you record yourself saying “Hello” twice, subtraction will sound exactly like regular mixing (i.e. subtraction sounds just like addition in this case).


  • The Audacity vocal remover has optional filters so you can keep centered bass and/or higher-frequencies. But, with real music (or most real-world sounds) there is a lot of frequency-overlap with vocals & most instruments requiring most of the frequency spectrum so filtering usually doesn’t help and it makes the sound less-natural.