Removing one clear voice from a dialogue

I have read several threads in regards to removing a voice from an audio track (song) but can’t seem to figure out how to remove individual voices from an interview with three people. I need to isolate one of the voices and remove the other two, and in another copy I need to remove the one voice, and leave the other two. Is there a way to do this? I have Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 and the most up to date version of Audacity for Mac.

If it is a multi-track recording with one voice per track, just mute or delete the voices that you don’t want.
That’s too easy - it’s not that.

If All three voices are on the same track but only one voice is talking at a time, then you can isolate one voice by laboriously going through the recording and muting or deleting the voices that you don’t want.

If the voices overlap so that more than one person is talking at a time, then it probably can’t be done.

Thank you for that, however I am trying to see if I can reduce the burden of going through each time individually. I will have to go through the process I know when I only want the woman’s voice speaking, but is there a way of using that file once I finish it to REMOVE only her voice when I go through my other copy? So in other words could I use that stereo of only her speaking to help me quickly remove only her voice when I want the two men speaking?
Thanks again!

As an illustration, let’s say that this represents a dialog between a man and a woman. As labeled, the first block of sound is the man talking, the next block is the woman talking, and so on:
So here I have manually gone through making all of the “man” parts silent:
and here it is without the labels:
What I can do now, is to run “Sound Finder” from the Analyze menu:
I then get something like this:
Now delete the audio track (click the [X] in the top left corner of the track) and re-import your original file.
Move the label track below the audio track:
Select both tracks (Command + A to select all), the use the command “Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Silence Audio”
You are now left with the “man” part.

It’s a bit more complex if you want to isolate 3 voices, but basically the same technique can be adapted to reduce the amount of manual editin.

Thanks to Steve for taking his time with all that. One minor detail. If you don’t select any audio tracks, Labeled Audio applies to all the audio tracks. So in your case where you only have one audio track, you only really need to select the label track.