Removing (not reducing) Mouth Noises.

Hello Friends,

Please help me, I noticed that when I record audio clips I end up with mouth noises (pops, clicks, etc).
I need your help, would it be ok if I upload a clip with some samples?

Can you please help me, and tell me what is the most effective effect and what are the recommended settings?
I wish to remove the noises and not reduce the sounds.

Thank you so very much!
ps: I think it is worth saying that I place 2 pop filters on top of each other.

All that did was muffle the sound a little and didn’t do anything to help the mouth noises. Pop and blast filters are to get rid of this:

Oral tick noises in the show are indistinguishable from the normal performance. The only sure way to get rid of them is to find each one manually, drag-select it and either Control-L silence it or DEL delete it making the show slightly shorter.

There may be something you can do with the vinyl transfer filters, but I’m not the expert on those, and I’m pretty sure the noises have to be much louder than the rest of the show. They’re to get rid of cat hairs on the record.


would it be ok if I upload a clip with some samples?


I would use 320 quality MP3 and send as much as you can. If it’s a stereo track, reduce it to mono and get twice as much in the upload. You don’t have anything technical wrong with the sound, so you don’t need a WAV.

There are people who will never be radio announcers. That’s the frowny-face side of it. The smiley-face side is leaving the clicks in because you won’t sound like everyone else.


Hello friends, as per our discussion here is the audio clip with mouth noises (so sorry if it is annoying).

Any suggestions regarding eliminating the sounds is truly appreciated. I value the replies so far, and will use them.

A noise-gate can automatically remove most of the mouth noises which occur between words.
Some noises may require manual removal : select the mouth noise then press “delete”, or “Ctrl”+“X” .

That’s not a long enough piece to tell the relationship between the normal voice and the clicks. If they are very low, then yes, the noise gate is indicated, but if they are loud enough to be annoying – or you wouldn’t be posting – then you’re left with suppressing them manually.

The Noise Gate may not work either, even if everything else is a go. Setting one up so it can’t be detected in the show is a challenge. Voices with zero ambience or background noise can sound other-worldly and science-fictiony. The real solution is not only getting rid of the clicks, but substituting Room Tone in their place.