Removing my Braille note clicking sound from teams recording

Hi all,
I have a teams recording where I make a clicking sound when I read off my Braille display which I need to remove.
I have selected the audio where the clicks are and applied noise reduction and clic removal with the default settings but it’s still prominant and will get louder if I use levelator which treaver created last time. As you were all exstremely helpful on this forum last time any ideas would be great.
Here are two dropbox links the first is the noise I want to get rid of and the second is the whole recording.
Link for full recording:

Audcaity’s native Noise Reduction & click removal are not going to be of help with that unwanted maracca-like sound.
There is a free DeClicker plugin for Audacity which can reduce (not remove) that sound without damaging the speech

The DeClicker plugin requires tailor-made settings, (the default settings make little difference).
Settings are …
Action: apply changes
Number of passes 2
Sensitivity thrshold 9
Step size 5
Maximum click length 6
Minimum time between clicks 20
Dense click threshold -20
Test frequncies between 4333 and 8000
Number of frequency bands 10
Widen repair interval … 5

Below is a screen-grab of those settings …

NB: the DeClicker plugin can be very slow: processing time can be comparable to the playback time,
i.e. takes one minute to process one minute of audio.

DeClicker added to macro …
T-Level8or+4+DeClicker.txt (718 Bytes)