Removing Music

Hi, I host a weekly radio show and I want to create podcasts of the show. I record in MP3 and the show is 3 hours. I want to remove all the songs but doing this manually would take ages, using Audacity 3.1 beta whats the easiest way to do this? It seems easy to remove vocals but not the other way around. Please help.

The usual way to make podcasts with music is to import the music tracks into Audacity, and record the voice on a different track.
If you then want either the music on its own or the voice on it’s own, you can achieve this perfectly by muting the unwanted track(s).
Once the voice and music have been mixed together into a single track, separating them is like putting milk and sugar into your coffee, then trying to take the sugar out.

More information about making podcasts:

If the spoken word is mono, but the music stereo, it may be possible to automatically remove the music.

How do you do that?

I’m assuming the spoken word is mono but all the music stereo.

My idea was to make an envelope (control track) to silence all the (stereo) music using amplitude modulation then truncate silence, leaving speech only.

To make the envelope (control) track …

Split a copy of the podcast to dual mono, invert one track which silences the mono voice speaker.

Full-wave-rectify, low-pass-filter and amplify this envelope (control) track so it is a square wave: zero when speech, 1 when music.

Invert this envelope (control) track so it is 1 when voice, 0 when music, then using amplitude modulation use this envelope (control) track to silence the music in a copy of the podcast, then use truncate silence to remove the large areas of silence where the music was.

I didn’t say it would be easy, just that may be possible.

[ Afterthought: where the mono DJ voice overlaps with the stereo music (e.g. talking over an intro) that speech will be lost, similarly any mono bits in the music will not be silenced ]

Nice try Trebor :wink: but as you rightly point out, the major problem comes when there is music and voice at the same time, which I’m assuming is the case.
If this is not the case and there is no overlap between voice and music, then yes it would be possible to separate them. Using the “Vocal Remover” and “Auto Duck” effects would simplify the method that you describe.